Applying for Social Security disability benefits with or without an advocate can be difficult due to how long a claim can take and the high chance of being denied. Statistically, 70% of all SSDI and SSI claims are denied after the initial application. What does this mean for SSD and SSI applicants who are disabled and need help? That they should follow this advice tip: learn everything you can about the approval system to better your chances of winning on appeal, with or without the help of a disability attorney or lawyer.

Social Security Disability Insurance

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The information, tips and advice presented here can help you understand:

  • How to apply for benefits with the Social Security Administration
  • How the SSDI and SSI system works
  • What SSA doesn't tell you about the application and appeal process
  • What you can do on your own as a disabled applicant to help your case
  • When you should consider getting a disability representative or attorney, and
  • What you should never do that might potentially harm your case.
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if you are disabled and your disability causes you to be unable to work, then you may very well be entitled to collect Social Security disability.
The Advocates are in business to do one thing - win disability claims for our clients.  Make that two things... to make the process as comfortable as possible for our clients as well.

 How does that make us different from every other advocacy agency?  It doesn't.  However, what does make the Advocates different is our advanced skill, experience and technology.  

The Advocates have spent tens of thousands of dollars to build special software designed to expedite the Social Security application process.  We believe that with our technology, we can file claims more efficiently than any other agency.

Social Security Disability insurance